MARCH 2018: 

Portland, OR 

Artifacts: a Plane of the Possible

This exhibition features works by Portland-based artists Hyun Jung Jung, Katherine Spinella, Jessie Wietzel, Brittney Connelly, and Russell Borne. Curated by McKenzie Lee, this exhibition examines ideas of both physical and digital artifacts in our present/future tense through a variety of media. 

While exploring compression in the flattening of our experience through low resolution internet images or developing an archive of neo-geological casts and prints that examine the philosophies of our consumer ideologies, these artists probe questions that speak to our contemporary worldview. Creating electric pop objects made for an imaginary town and its citizens or by embedding the virtual into our physical sense of touch through wearable objects, we imagine what is possible and lost in our mediated world.

JULY 2017: 

Publication Fellowship Award

Journal Issue 7

I have been selected as one of the Publication Fellows for Peripheral Vision's journal publication Issue 7/ 2017 Salon exhibition curated by Georgia Erger. This issue will be published in the fall. Follow the link above to check past journal issues with artist images and interviews plus essays written by a variety of art critics and curators. 

"Peripheral Vision is an academic journal of contemporary art criticism dedicated to the study of work by emerging and mid-career American artists. Peripheral Vision pairs artists with professional critics for the publication of articles averaging 2000 words through our prestigious Publication Fellowship program."  

-Scott Gleeson (Founder/Publisher, Critic)

APRIL 2017:

Vermont Studio Center


Thank you to Oregon Arts Comission, supporters who gave thorugh my Indiegogo campaign, and the Vermont Studio Center for month long residency! 

MARCH 2017:

UNA Gallery

Portland, OR

Things I've Found

To find is to come in contact with something for the very first time. It can allude to rediscovering meaningful somethings you thought you’d lost. You can find yourself enjoying moments and persons that once annoyed you. You find yourself when you finally take that risk. You find the best in others. You find meaning in objects.

Visual and performance works by:

Daniela Ortiz Rojo

Erin Dengerink

Erinn Kathryn

George Zinn

Jillian Barthold

Julia Tatiyatrairong

Katherine Spinella

Lauren Stumpf

Leo Ariel

Mari Shepard-Glenn

Matthew Barry

Megean McBride

Molly Valentine Dierks

Tessa Bolsover

February 2017:

Oregon Arts Com ission

Career Opportunity Grant

Thank you to the Oregon Arts Comission for receiving a Career Opportunity Grant! The funding will be supporting my month long residency at Vermont Studio Center for April 2017. This is the second grant I have received from the Oregon Arts Comission and I am thankful for the generous support. Previously, I recieved a grant to attend the Kala Art Institute in Berkely, CA