December 2019:

Curatorial Project On the Tip of My Tongue at Carnation Contemporary from Dec. 7-22

Portable altarpiece III by Alyson Provax

On the Tip of My Tongue explores the space that resides between thought and speech, intent and action, self and other, land and nation. The work in this exhibition mines topics such as the educational-industrial complex, the undocumented experience of resilience and resistance, and the uneasiness of occupying a motionless body while being hurled through the air in flight. Katherine Spinella (Portland, OR) and Kristin Hough (Los Angeles, CA) curated together multimedia works from 34 artists throughout the United States that use performance, symbols, instructions, transcriptions, lists, sequencing, and the materiality of a single phrase in order to comment on and connect to language. This exhibition reminds us that language impacts our bodies as a set of unfixed relationships, and that our unconscious, whether personal or collective, recalls images first.

Co-curated by Katherine Spinella and Kristin Hough 

ChaeWon Moon, Brandon Barr, Theodore William Arnold, Alyson Provax, Hasler Gomez, Sarah Rushford, Amanda Beekhuizen, Paul Shortt, Rachel Livedalen, Jonathan Bagby, Karen Larson-Voltz, Agnese Cebere, Amy Burek, Anthony Warnick, Erinn Kathryn, Rachel Deane, Chantal Zakari, Kevin Smith, Collin Richard, Ron Linn, Colin Kippen, Zach Clark, Angela Willetts, Noah Breuer, Julia Bradshaw, Flatpack Publications & Hiba Ali, Luke Buser, Darryl Lauster, Kelly Clark, Mary V. Marsh, Nathan Pietryknowski, Lorna Stevens, Brandi Kruse, James Gouldthrope

Mention of On the Tip of My Tongue in Oregon Arts Watch: VizArts Monthly

Loiter Here by Paul Shortt 

On the Tip of My Tongue
December 7 – 22
Carnation Contemporary
8371 N Interstate Ave.
Curators Katherine Spinella and Kristin Hough have put together a massive group show of over thirty artists from across the country (including many Portlanders) this month at Carnation Contemporary in On the Tip of My Tongue. With so many works on view, there is no way to neatly sum up the look of this show, and even the show’s theme (language) is broad enough to encompass seemingly any subject or approach. But just a cursory glance at the participating artists’ portfolios is enough evidence that this show will be terrific, and the gallery’s track record should only add to viewers’ confidence. Portland artist Sarah Rushford will lead a group performance of her work, Jayne Telephones, on opening night at 5:40 on the dot, so don’t be late!

If you still have a few (or many) people to find gifts for as we approach Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, etcetera, check out some of the local art sales happening in the coming weeks. Not only will you find a classy art gift to impress your friends, but both you and your gift’s recipient can pat yourselves on the back for helping to support Portland’s art community. 

Art in America Small by Design article written by Bean Gilsdorf.

November 2019:

 Hyperallergic shining some light on Carnation Contemporary

September 2019:

Check out this call for art I've organized at Carnation Contemporary for my member month! Applications due by Sept. 30th (11:59 MT), co-curated with Kristin Hough

August 2019:

Blue Screen, 2019 on view at Outback Arthouse in Los Angeles, CA as part of the group exhibition exchange with Carnation Contemporary.

JULY 2019:

Our Thunderstruck book will be featured on the Printed Matter website soon, then sold and distributed out of the store in NYC! For now, you can purchase your copy directly from us here at

JUNE 2019:

June 2019 </SCRIPT> exhibition. 

MARCH 2019:

<SCRIPT> is an Experimental Art Platform for Artists Mining the Digital Landscape. 


Art Gallery at UCC

Roseburg, OR

Subtext Index

February 7 - March 14, 2019

Works by Katherine Spinella & James Halverson 


Littman + White Gallery

Portland, OR

At The Horizon

Opening October 4, 2018 6-8pm

Exhibition closes October 26, 2018

At The Horizon transports the refuse of commerce into fractured, elevated, and philosophically personified artifacts. Katherine Spinella uses printmaking, sculpture, and photography as a means of archiving and deconstructing commonplace objects and materials in search of their embedded ideological meaning. Moving between image and object-making, she constructs meaning through the process of collecting, assembling, flattening, archiving and deconstructing. Mining both the physical and virtual, forms are compounded and layered into fragmented moments. Plastic grasses, crumpled wrappers and cast geologies become subsumed by blindspots, conflating overlooked forms and material histories while transforming the familiar through abstraction in an effort to render it anew. Aiming for a visual sensation of hypertouch (i.e. handled, discarded and renewed), neo-geological casts become symbolic stand-ins for an imagined archeology of a dystopic present. She considers life distilled and concentrated into the quiet physicality of objects that are cast away. Looking at representations of the natural world and discarded objects that are byproducts of human activity as seen through the lens of commercialism, Spinella explores the fallacy of our perception of human dominance and mastery over the natural world.


Carnation Contemporary

Portland, OR

First Date

Opening September 1, 2018 6-9pm

Exhibition closes September 30, 2018

Our inaugural exhibition!

The night has come. Our palms are sweating, our hearts are racing, we can’t stop checking our hair in the mirror. It’s finally time for our First Date. Join us as we do our best to make a good first impression that makes you think we’re the type you can take home to mom. See work by all of Carnation Contemporary’s members in a group show that is sure to leave you wanting more. 

AUGUST 2018:

Carnation Contemporary is OPEN and under construction at 8371 N Interstate Ave. Portland, OR! 

Carnation Contemporary was founded in 2018 by a collective of Portland-based artists who champion critical and contemporary artwork. We are a cooperative gallery supporting emerging and mid-career artists from Portland and the surrounding area. 

As one of the co-founders I am super excited about this project we have been working on since December 2017. 

JULY 2018: 

At Walter de Maria's Lightning Field

| | | Thunderstruck | | |

Carnation Contemporary - May 2019, exhibition & publication release 

NARS Foundation - July 2019, traveling exhibition 

Curator & participating artists: Jessi DiTillioRobert Beam, Rosana Aviña Beam, Katherine Spinella, Michael Stephen, John Whitten 

This summer, five visual artist and one curator will spend the night with Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field. | | | Thunderstruck | | | will be our response to this experience, culminating in a traveling group art exhibition and exhibition catalog. Using Lucy Lippard’s book Undermining as a guide for navigating the contemporary artwork in a more critical way, this iconic work of Land Art will serve as both site and inspiration for the production of new works that interrogate land usage, the cultural impact of colonialism on native ancestral land rights, the economic commodification of the art object and the market, and the intersection of the environmental and political within our highly charged climate. Scholars don’t typically investigate the Land Art movement as connected to social interaction, but prioritize individual phenomenological experience. Walter de Maria was infamously controlling about the interpretation of his artwork, carefully restricting the means of access and emphasizing that “isolation is the essence of land art.” As a group of artists and writers, we are interested in exploring how the experience of the piece might be altered and expanded as a group encounter. How might a collective approach to land use steer engagement from Romanticism to critical engagement? Along with Lucy Lippard, we are interested in re-contextualizing Land Art to investigate the critical ripple effects of the work of the 1970s for contemporary social awareness and artistic practice.

As five artists and one curator, we each contribute a unique perspective to this project. Jessi DiTillio is a curator, writer, and art historian whose research focuses on 20th century American Art with a focus on affect theory, African American artists, contemporary art engaging the politics of race and gender, and curatorial practice. She will provide historical and contemporary context and write an essay to be included in an exhibition catalog. Visual artists Rosana Aviña-Beam, Robert Collier Beam, Katherine Spinella, Michael E. Stephen, and John Whitten will employ photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, drawing, and installation in order to explore issues surrounding natural phenomena, the fallacy of human dominance and mastery over nature, a provocation of the heavens, and art’s ability to impact our understanding of land and space. As individuals who have worked, collaborated, and exhibited together since first connecting in graduate school at the University of Oregon, we aim to revolve this project around collective thinking, interdisciplinary research, and critical discourse. Thunderstruck has been in the works for two years. Having finally acquired Lightning Field reservations, we are thrilled to bring this project to fruition. We intend to travel Thunderstruck internationally in order to share our visual and verbal dialogue with a wide audience and encourage public dialogue about land, space, time, and social history.

JUNE 2018: 

Outback Arthouse 

Los Angeles, CA

In Bloom

Selected to be in the first group exhibition at Outback Arthouse with artists Caroline Hayes Charuk, Colleen RJC Bratton, Justyn Hegreberg, Katherine Harvath, Roz Crews, Sarah Mikenis. 

MAY 2018: 

||| Thunderstruck |||

NARS Foundation

Carnation Contemporary

Quemado, NM; Portland, OR; Brooklyn, NY

John Whitten, Katherine Spinella, Jessie DiTillio, Michael Stephen, Rosana Avina, Robert Beam

A group project beginning July 2018 with a mini-artist residency at Walter de Maria's Lightning Field. The project will commence as a group art exhibition and catalog release in Portland, OR at Carnation Contemporary and travel to the NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY. We have recieved funding from Regional Arts and Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, and Oregon State Faculty Research Grant via Faculty John Whitten. 

More info on this project soon!

MARCH 2018: 

Portland, OR 

Artifacts: a Plane of the Possible

This exhibition features works by Portland-based artists Hyun Jung Jung, Katherine Spinella, Jessie Wietzel, Brittney Connelly, and Russell Borne. Curated by McKenzie Lee, this exhibition examines ideas of both physical and digital artifacts in our present/future tense through a variety of media. 

While exploring compression in the flattening of our experience through low resolution internet images or developing an archive of neo-geological casts and prints that examine the philosophies of our consumer ideologies, these artists probe questions that speak to our contemporary worldview. Creating electric pop objects made for an imaginary town and its citizens or by embedding the virtual into our physical sense of touch through wearable objects, we imagine what is possible and lost in our mediated world.

JULY 2017: 

Publication Fellowship Award

Journal Issue 7

I have been selected as one of the Publication Fellows for Peripheral Vision's journal publication Issue 7/ 2017 Salon exhibition curated by Georgia Erger. This issue will be published in the fall. Follow the link above to check past journal issues with artist images and interviews plus essays written by a variety of art critics and curators. 

"Peripheral Vision is an academic journal of contemporary art criticism dedicated to the study of work by emerging and mid-career American artists. Peripheral Vision pairs artists with professional critics for the publication of articles averaging 2000 words through our prestigious Publication Fellowship program."  

-Scott Gleeson (Founder/Publisher, Critic)

APRIL 2017:

Vermont Studio Center


Thank you to Oregon Arts Comission, supporters who gave thorugh my Indiegogo campaign, and the Vermont Studio Center for month long residency! 

MARCH 2017:

UNA Gallery

Portland, OR

Things I've Found

To find is to come in contact with something for the very first time. It can allude to rediscovering meaningful somethings you thought you’d lost. You can find yourself enjoying moments and persons that once annoyed you. You find yourself when you finally take that risk. You find the best in others. You find meaning in objects.

Visual and performance works by:

Daniela Ortiz Rojo

Erin Dengerink

Erinn Kathryn

George Zinn

Jillian Barthold

Julia Tatiyatrairong

Katherine Spinella

Lauren Stumpf

Leo Ariel

Mari Shepard-Glenn

Matthew Barry

Megean McBride

Molly Valentine Dierks

Tessa Bolsover

February 2017:

Oregon Arts Commission

Career Opportunity Grant

Thank you to the Oregon Arts Comission for receiving a Career Opportunity Grant! The funding will be supporting my month long residency at Vermont Studio Center for April 2017. This is the second grant I have received from the Oregon Arts Comission and I am thankful for the generous support. Previously, I recieved a grant to attend the Kala Art Institute in Berkely, CA